The royal insignia in the Netherlands is a distinguishing emblem worn by the King of the Netherlands on his uniform. The emblem of the royal insignia consists of three symbols of royal power and dignity: the sword of state, the orb, and the scepter.

Here is a brief description of these symbols:

  1. The Sword of State: This is a sword that represents the royal authority and the king’s sovereignty. It is a symbol of military power and leadership.
  2. The Orb: The orb is a globe-shaped object that signifies the king’s authority over secular matters. It symbolizes the worldly power of the king.
  3. The Scepter: The scepter is a long staff often adorned with a crown. It represents the royal authority and leadership over the kingdom.

The royal insignia is worn on official occasions and ceremonial events in which the king is present. It adds to the symbolism and splendor of the Dutch monarchy.