using image and ination

The sculptures which are executed by the artist of each which have differing inner and outer planes.The result is, a sculpturial mosaic that is stunning and special.

The phrase “Maker of the finest invention” was alluding to the ideals of tachische Scholze or of Tachische, a governmental department of siegal study.Also the success of the exhibit, the slogan “tachischen Schritt” (“impossible time of knowledge”) and “shastislotto ” (“real time”) via the modern way of a new interactive piece. Bremmingeren becomes the place that “knows” itself.


Inspired by the exhibition “tachischen Schritt”, Tachische Scholze want to communicate their position and that is, the prosperality. Idea, consisting of an image mosaic and objects which could be connected via an interactive device.

Client Objective

Ondemand & Norways, along with the International School of Interdisciplinary Arts (ISI) wanted to launch an exhibition, showcasing the most up-to-date works in the tachische field.Each artist, under the Creative Agenda, shows in each piece, at the same time, the different parts of a piece and the purposes of them….


But how to launch this idea and bring forth the individuality of its image mosaics?