Design Service

I offer a design service for 3D models. I will create 3D models of any kind of objects, whether they are physical or virtual. My goal is to make them look realistic and beautiful. If you have a model of something, I can help you bring it to life!

Physical Objects

If you want me to create a physical model of something, I will need some information about it first. You can give me a picture of the object, tell me its dimensions, or send me a link to a video showing how it looks. Once we get all the necessary information, I will start working on making a 3D model of it.

Customized Designs

Sometimes, you may already have a 3D model of something, but you don’t know how to turn it into a real thing. Maybe you want to change the color of the model, add a texture. Whatever you want to do, I can help you with it.

Realistic Rendering

When I say realistic rendering, we mean that your models should look exactly like the original object. I should be able to recreate that exact image in our 3D model. We can also render objects in different lighting conditions, including sunlight, moonlight, and shadows.

3D Printing

3D printing is a technology that creates three dimensional solid objects from digital files. Almost anything can be 3d printed: houses, furniture, toys, jewelry, and much more.

Design service for 3d-models

prepared and made ready for
* 3d model Repair service.
* Full-Color prints.

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Printing machines:

  • Prusa 3d MK3
  • RigidBot Big

Printing Partners:

  • Shapeways 3d printing service