Modeling for 3d printing

of 3d objects that are suitable for printing is done by computer. This is were I can adjust things so that it can be printed on a 3d printer. It is also possible to use scans, that often needs to be cleaned up before it can be printed. It is possible to print in different materials like PLA which is a bio-degradable plastic, other like ABS which is more strong. It is even possible to use woodfill material or copperfill, bronzefill and brassfill.
3d Printing can take a long time, especially when printing big in a high resolution (small nozzle and thin layers). From an hour for a small item to more than a couple of days for bigger items.


Custom designs

I can create and 3d print custom designs just for you!
Contact me for more details.

 3d printing in (precious) metals

A piece of jewelry that you would like to print in a various scale of (precious) metals.
I can design jewelry that can be printed by Shapeways in different metals like sterling silver, steel, brass, bronze, and gold.


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